Slettestrand/ Svinkløv

Slettestrand/Svinkløv is an ideal destination for outdoor activities and experiences in the middle of the beautiful countryside in The Bay Denmark. You will find several hiking and biking trails as well as one of the best mountainbike tracks in Denmark. 

Wherever you go, you are met with a welcoming smile. 


Homely atmosphere

Whether you enter a restaurant or your overnight accommodation, you are greated with friendly smiles. Most often, it is the owners themselves who serve as hosts, which adds a special atmosphere to the place. All accommodation in Slettestrand/Svinkløv is close to the sea, and the resurants base many of their dishes on locally grown produce. 

acommodation in Slettestrand

Accommodation in Slettestrand/Svinkløv

In Slettestrand/Svinkløv you can wake up close to the ocean or in the comfort of the dunes. Find hotels with ocean views and holiday homes in the middle of the countryside. 

Experience the impressive countryside

When you visit Slettestrand/Svinkløv, you'll find that there is a unique link between an action packed active holiday and a scenery which beauty will make you pause and enjoy the tranquility of nature. 

Cycling routes and maps

Choose from a wide variety of routes and maps that take you around The Bay Denmark and the rest of North Jutland. 

Seaboats and animal farm with a view

In the Slettestrand/Svinkløv area there is plenty to see and do. Visit Hjortdal Animal Farm located with a wonderful ocean view or go down to the beach where passionate people work on restoring the old, characteristic seaboats of the North Jutlandic fishermen. 

Han Herred Seaboats

Explore the tradition of the old Danish fishing culture as you witness the restoration of characteristic sea vessels.