Danish food and local produce

Great local ingredients that will make your tongue click.

Local specialities

One of the trademarks of The Bay Denmark is the area's wide selection of restaurants and locally grown produce. Among some of the specialities are the potato Vildmosekartoflen, Ryaa Ice Cream from Aabybro Dairy and Blokhus Salt, which is extracted directly from the North Sea. During the summer, you can also take a peek behind the scenes and discover how the products are made. 

The local produce are used generously by several inns and restaurants. If you would like to use them for cooking in your own kitchen, the products can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, outdoor markets and farm shops. 

Menus with a story

With a number of completely new dishes, primarily consisting of local ingredients, "The Taste of The Bay Denmark" is bound to make your tongue click. Four different restaurants each present you to a dish that has connection to that specific area. All courses are connected to one of the cultural environments in The Bay Denmark. You can bring both the recipe and the story (in Danish) home with you. 

Where to find "The Taste of The Bay Denmark":

The hunter's dish, The fishing woman's splendours and The dairyman's cool kiss
The captain's favourite food
Futten's casserole
The seaboat's catch

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