Blokhus Beach


Every year, Blokhus welcomes around one million visitors. And in addition to spending time on one of the best bathing beaches i Denmark, there are plenty of activities for holiday visitors to engage in. Among one of the most popular activities is a visit to Gateway Blokhus, located in Blokhus Dune Plantation and your gateway to a day out in the countryside.

Just a few kilometres from Blokhus, you'll find the popular amusement park Faarup Sommerland. For a shopping spree, there are quality shops in both Blokhus and and the nearby town of Hune. 

Experiences for everyone

In Blokhus-Hune you'll find experiences for everyone - both children and adults. Visit one of the best beaches in Northern Europe, the world's third best amusement park for children, galleries, The Garden in Hune, and much more. 

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Welcome to Blokhus

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Faarup Sommerland

VIsit Faarup Sommerland, one of the best amusement parks for children in the world. Here, the whole family can easily spend a day. Get the adrenalin running in the roller coaster and enjoy Denmark's biggest outdoor aquapark. 

History and nature

Blokhus is surrounded by a wonderful countryside. The dune plantation embraces the town and is ideal for a walk or a bike ride. In the southern part of the plantation, between Hune and Blokhus, you'll find Gateway Blokhus. In addition to beautiful natural surroundings, Blokhus is also rich in historic traces. Traces that are evident, when going for a walk through the town.