Visit the historic Blokhus

The beach town of Blokhus is gifted with historic traces testifying to its proud history as a former craft trading spot.

Authetic cultural history in Blokhus

Apart form being one of the most visited holiday towns in Denmark, Blokhus is characterized by several building and trademarks that relate back to a time when the town was an old craft trading spot. 

In the brochure "Authentic cultural history in Blokhus" (Danish) you'll find an overview of 11 differents sights as well as a map that you can follow in your quest to "go back in time" i Blokhus. 


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11 historic sights

1. Blokhus Sømærke
2. "Hawet"
3. Kancelligaarden
4. Mindestenen
5. Bunker i Blokhus
6. Niels Jensens Hus
7. Strandingskroen - Futten - Bingen
8. Fiskebondehjem fra 1785
9. Thomas Olesen Løkken
10. Lien i Pirupshvarre
11. Vraget af "De tre Venner", 1882

Cultural environments

Discover 18 historic trademarks of The Bay Denmark. From Northern Europe's largest coastal landing site to old manor houses and a classic Danish brewery.