Hiking maps and trails

There are several good hiking trails to choose from in The Bay Denmark. On this page, you'll find maps and inspiration to explore the countryside.
Forests, plantations, sea and fjord
When looking for a nice walk in the beautiful scenery of The Bay Denmark, there are several good maps to choose from that all take you to some of the most wonderful spots in nature. Experience green of the forests and plantations, enjoy the quietude of the still Limfjord, or the brisk air on the beaches by the roaring North Sea.
Treasure hunting in the country side
Should you wish to experience nature in a new way, geocaching might be the right choice for you. With the help of a GPS you look for a specific spot, and you are hereby taken to some of the most beautiful places in The Bay Denmark. Geocaching is a fun activity for both children and adults. 
Take a breather at one of 18 "Tankesteder"
A visit to a "Tankested" - a place for thought and reflection - is a visit with a view, tranquility and bueatiful natural surroundings. The 18 "Tankesteder" are appointed by the citizens of Jammerbugt Municipality. Maps can be collected at VisitJammerbugten, Strandvejen 5b, 9492 Blokhus.
The North Sea Trail
One of the major hiking trails that runs through The Bay Denmark and beyond is The North Sea Trail. The North Sea Trail is a 5,000 km marked hiking trail that stretches along the North Sea coast of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, and Great Britain. Approximately 90 of these kilometres, you'll find in The Bay Denmark, where they will take you to scenic vantage points, along the beach, and through dune plantations. 

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Room for an active holiday

The countryside in The Bay Demark varies widely, giving room to all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether you prefer a quiet walk or to get the adrenalin running while riding a mountain bike, you'll be sure to find something that fits your temper.