Cycling routes and maps

In The Bay Denmark, you have a wide variety of cycling opportunities to choose from, whether it be shorter distances or routes that take you futher around the North Jutland area.

From A to A 

Newly established cycling routes have their starting points from one of the overnight accommodations in The Bay Denmark. From here they reach into the scenery, passing magnificant places in the countryside, cultural environments, and other exciting attractions. Since the routes are so-called "A to A" trips, you finish your ride where it began. There is a variety of distances to choose from. The shortest route is about 5 km, and the longest about 40 km. On average, the routes vary between 20-25 km, making sure that you have plenty of time to enjoy both a bicycle ride as well as other activities in the same day. Maps are free and can be downloaded from this page (the maps are marked with VJ) or collected at VisitJammerbugten's tourist office in Blokhus at Strandvejen 5B. 

From north to south and across The Bay Denmark

There is an extensive network of marked regional and national cycling routes in Denmark, many of which run through The Bay Denmark. Some of those are the West Coast Route and the Limfjord Route. There are also a number of regional routes, marked with blue signs. New cycling maps from VisitNordjylland can be purchased at VisitJammerbugtn in Blokhus. 

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