The Bay Denmark - Jammerbugten

Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark - in North Jutland is a great place to spend a holiday. Along the coast, in the dunes and right by the North Sea you will find excellent accommodations. Here you are also able to meet the friendly Danes and experience the great hospitality. You will find Denmark's large amusement park Fårup Sommerland, a variety of events and one of the best beaches in Denmark. The magnificent nature is perfect for an active holiday - hiking or by mountainbike and the beautiful views towards the North Sea impresses everyone. 




The countryside in The Bay Demark varies widely, giving room to all sorts of outdoor activities. Whether you prefer a quiet walk or to get the adrenalin running while riding a mountain bike, you'll be sure to find something that fits your temper. 

Choose from a wide variety of routes and maps that take you around The Bay Denmark and the rest of North Jutland. 

In The Bay Denmark you can enjoy a total of 55 km long, wide and white sandy beaches right by the roaring North Sea. 

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